About Us

About Sanklecha's

What has enabled Sanklecha's enviable presence in the world of lifestyle construction is the Group's firm belief in changing and reinventing to stay ahead of the times. Through state-of-the-art innovations, we ensure that only the latest designs and equipment are utilised to deliver offerings that cater to our customers’ ever-changing needs. We make sure that the Sanklecha lifestyle is an experience to savour by constantly adapting and evolving ourselves.

Nothing endures but change!

Our Team

We believe in the motto, "Unity in Diversity!" We owe our success story to our efficient and committed team members. Their abilities and capabilities have enabled us to adapt innovation and continue our journey to the pinnacle of success. We identify, train and hire the right people, people with the specific experience, skill sets and attitudes that our clients require. We believe in enriching and motivating our workforce, so as to create future leaders and entrepreneurs.

When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge!

Future Outlook

While looking at our eventful past with pride, we endeavour to challenge our accomplishments, so as to redefine our goals and surpass excellence itself in our venture to accomplish them. Sanklecha is only going to get bigger and better in the days to come.

Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but we can start today and forge a new path of success!


To achieve new innovations with every venture we undertake and forge a strong bond with each of our customers.
To scale new heights, reach new horizons, and establish ourselves as the 'Most Dynamic and Respected Real Estate Developer' in the country.


To revolutionise industry practices and standards to set ourselves apart and create a satisfied customer base across diverse environments by providing complete value for money.


  • Change is relentless, change is here. Change is Sanklecha.
  • Change is the only thing that’s constant.
  • Change ventures, change rebels, change creates.
  • It’s reality…It’s reason.
  • Change is the only truth.